Where to Buy the Exact Puffers Celebrities Are Wearing

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After years of being the disgrace of winter outerwear, puffer jackets are back. In fact, the puffier, the better (currently: moms everywhere, rejoicing). And since stars are usually the first to jump on a trend, if not the very reason the trend exists in the first place, we’ve spotted them bundled up in their wonderfully insulated coat all season long.

There’s Sandra Bullock in her puffer-on-puffer combo (that’s double the insulation, mind you), and then we have Gwen Stefani in her flash of metallic gold. And it looks like Madonna has found the secret to surviving hours-long flights: by treating an enveloping puffer like a sleeping bag. OK, but enough with the words—we found the exact puffers that the stars are wearing, and you can shop the very same ones for yourself.

VIDEO: 30 Puffers in 60 Seconds


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