The Accessories Celebs Made Famous in 2016—and Where to Buy Them!

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Gigi who? You’re about to stand among the stars with these must-have accessories trends from 2016. This past year, we saw many celebs, from Kendall Jenner to Kate Middleton, experiment with fashion—and we’re about to follow suit.

With the New Year upon us, now’s the time to really go for it in the fashion department. That means, we aren’t just imitating celeb style. No, we’re tracking down the exact make and model of some the best pieces celebs wore this year.

And so, while many of us will happily kiss 2016 goodbye, there are a few accessories trends we’re totally bringing with us into the New Year. From Gigi Hadid’s favorite handbag, to Emma Roberts’s thigh-high boots, and Jessica Alba’s favorite carry-on bag, keep scrolling for where to buy and how to style this year’s hottest accessories.

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