Rihanna Schools in Post-Breakup Dressing

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It’s entirely possible that over the last few weeks, when I would say “Rihanna” you would say “break up.”

Truth: About two months ago, E! News reported that Riri and Drake broke up. Tears.

A more important truth: Rihanna still looks unbelievable. Actually, maybe she looks even better.

While in the Bahamas this week, Rihanna wore a vibrant, floral, maxidress—the antithesis of the sad, black, breakup sweat suit. It could not have fit her better—it pulled in at the waist, accentuated her curves, and flowed down in an easy, beachy manner.

The look only got better from there: She wore the most perfectly sized gold hoop earrings (a great investment item, btw, since they go with anything) and a fabulous arm cuff, which from the photo appears to be emerald and white gold, but may be something else. All that is really important is that it’s stunning.

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And the beauty? We’re rewriting “Work” lyrics to “strobe, strobe, strobe, strobe, strobe.”

So Drake or no Drake: Rihanna … you win.

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