How to Wear Red and Green Together in the Chicest Way Possible

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Red and green, complementary colors? More like, clashing colors. Ever since I can remember, I’ve avoided the festive combo like the plague, haunted by the holiday-centric outfits I was forced to wear as a child. But like many things I thought I would never, ever wear (Birkenstocks, pajamas out in public, socks and sandals), I’ve found myself intrigued by the once Christmas-exclusive pairing.

It takes a degree of finesse, which is what I learned after studying street-style stars in their element. Poinsettia red and pine tree green? Blegh. But crimson and emerald? A combo so eccentrically cool, it would make Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele beam with pride. It’s also about breaking up the colors, playing with silhouettes, and layering in texture. But don’t just take my word for it—scroll though to see how you can pull off red and green this holiday season, and frankly, year-round.

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